Fashion Week

Fashion Week


October 1-7 of every calendar year is COLORADO FASHION WEEK. 

The Fashion Industry, as we've known it, has permanently changed.

For these reasons, and informed by our own business insights, COFW has moved to reposition itself, as an organization, to no longer be restricted by 'Seasons' or dates.

We exist to '...Make Everyday Colorado Fashion Week...'

we are a 365 Days a year Business of Fashion and Event Marketing organization dedicated by Empowering every Fashion Designer and Brand we come into becoming the best business it can be through comprehensive Financial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship Excellence mastery. 


Founded in 2011, by Justice Kwesi KwartengCOLORADO FASHION WEEK (#COFW) exists "To Build an Economically Sustainable and a well-respected professional Fashion Trade Event for the State of Colorado".  


In the years since COFW have exceeded expectations by successfully 'Positioning the City of Denver as the emerging Fashion Capital of Rocky Mountain West Region."

has presented the collections of some of the most promising emerging and established fashion designers and brands as part of the international fashion business calendar in the beautiful City of Denver, Colorado.

In Colorado Fashion Week’s inaugural year, we presented eight different fashion designers and one boutique with a combined total of over 225 garments going down the runway and more than 1,200 spectators attending throughout the week.

COFW is the responsible for introducing brands like Mai Couture, an innovative makeup brand, to the Colorado market.

COFW has since evolved into the most well-respected and the only officially recognized professional fashion trade and public marketing event in the majestic State of Colorado.     

Past Sponsors and Strategic Partners of COFW have included Shane and Co., American Crew, The City & County of Denver, The Buell Theater, Seawell Grand Ballroom, at the Denver Center for the Arts (DCPA), The McNichols Building, The JW Marriott at Cherry Creek, Telemundo, RoofStar Colorado, GlowMundo, The Four Seasons Hotel Denver and COLLAGE Magazine, to name a few.

Key past Designers and Brands to have presented @CoFashionWeek include Hillary MacMillan (Toronto, Canada), Sully & Co. (Denver, CO), Awl & Sundry (NYC), D'Lola Couture (Denver, CO), Nicholas Anthony (Casper, WY) and Shane & Co. (Denver, CO) to list a few.

Stylist: Laynie Rouch

Stylist: Laynie Rouch



The Vision and Purpose of Colorado Fashion Week is committed to build Colorado’s global fashion industry presence and elevate Denver’s brand as a City—regionally, nationally and internationally.   

Our goal is to provide both the state of Colorado and the City of Denver the necessary foundational elements required to effectively position itself as an emerging fashion capital of the greater Rocky Mountain and Mid-America region.

We strive to retain, stateside, top local emerging fashion industry talent that we so often lose to the more established fashion business markets like New York City, London, Paris, and Milan to due to the lack of a credible fashion industry, and sustainable career opportunities within the state of Colorado. 

Our goal is to establish one professionally organized and cohesive fashion industry trade event for the majestic state of Colorado.

COFW is the only officially recognized Fashion Trade Event in Colorado.  The goal is to help grow the economy of the fashion industry in Denver.

We work with Designers, up-and-coming talents, and models to present the latest fashion collections each year on our runways in Denver since 2011.

WHEN + where

  • October 1-7 2018-2020: Fashion Summit series (NYC. LA. MIAMI. ATLANTA.)
  • October 1-7 2018: The COLLAGE #HumanizeFashion Fund official announcement.
  • October 1-7 2017: Virtual Presentations x Business of Fashion immersive presentations. 
  • CO FASHION WEEK x Collage Impact Fund inaugural class announcement dinner event.


  • CO Fashion Week was founded + created by Justice Kwesi Kwarteng in 2011 (after 2 years of R+D).

  • In 2012, Governor Hickenlooper will declare October 1-7 at Colorado Fashion Week.

  • In 2015, COFW will re-focus the company and the event to meet a changing Fashion Industry.
  • In 2015, COFW test drives its new direction of small, intimate and curated live marketing events.
  • In 2016, COFW successfully launches its new intimate and curated events strategy from Oct. 1-7.
  • In 2016, COFW will introduce its sister company: COLLAGE Strategy (
  • In 2016, COFW introduces its innovative Digital Shopping Marketplace for Buyers & Designers.
  • In 2016, COFW introduces its 'COFW FashionFund' Program to raise capital for top new Designers.
  • In 2017, COFW successfully test-drives it's innovative new direction via selective invite-only events.

COFW leverages its unique track record by empowering Models, Designers, Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Event Producers/Planners, Journalists, Venues and Agencies to work together present one professionally organized and a cohesive professional fashion trade event every year.

COFW exists to showcase Colorado's global fashion industry presence and elevate Denver's brand as a City.

Collage Magazine is an editorially curated visual content network and media platform for top emerging talent.  

With its innovative 'Content-meet-Commerce' hand-curated digital marketplace, COLLAGE Magazine empowers Designers and Brands to present their products to consumers in one place.  

Readers can digitally 'Shop-every-Story' they experience in COLLAGE Magazine. 

Through this strategic partnership, every Brand or Designer that presents their collection at COFW 2016 secures an instant opportunity to sell their collection via our seamless online marketplace. 

COLLAGE Magazine is the official digital media partner for COLORADO FASHION WEEK.

Learn more about COLLAGE Magazine @  


As a further testament to the credibility of COFW, Colorado's Governor, John Hickenlooper has proclaimed October 1st-7th as COFW in the City of Denver and the beautiful state of Colorado. 

Due to this encouraging show of support, COFW has re-evaluated its original vision to now include the scouting, recruitment, mentorship and strategic career launching of established regional, national, and international fashion designers, and/or brands, seeking a unique market entry platform.

Art & Venues | City & Country of Denver, with its cultural arts and creative economy enhancement vision partnered with COFW to support the 2014 strategic fundraiser event: the first ever Fashion Benefit Preview event was held in July of 2014 at the McNichols Civic Center building in Downtown Denver. 


COFW is a production @COLLAGEIAM + a property of The JTA Group

COFW is presented by @COLLAGEIAM  + COLLAGE Magazine.



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