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Pop Artist Sean Danconia and Experiential Designer Henry Chebaane to launch new joint-venture, "SupaPop Space" at Licensing Expo 2016

LOS ANGELES, June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Pop Artist Sean Danconia and Experiential Designer Henry Chebaane join forces to launch a new cutting edge hospitality and retail enterprise, "SupaPop Space" at this year's Licensing Expo 2016 (Mandalay Bay Convention Center) in Las Vegas,June 21-23rd.

Following his trailblazing debut of the "SupaPop" creative universe last year, Disney® Artist and Anime Expo® Guest of Honor, Sean Danconia has now joined forces with Blue Sky Hospitality's Henry Chebaane, the acclaimed London-based brand, product and interior designer.

Danconia's dynamic take on the comic & animation worlds has made him a household name among Pop-Art aficionados. Designer and Brand Strategist Henry Chebaane has built a reputation for creating highly innovative branded hospitality and entertainment spaces with deeply immersive experiential content across the globe with clients like Marriott, Four Seasons, InterContinental Hotels in addition to numerous individual investors.

"SupaPop Space" is the sum of Danconia and Chebaane's hyper-inventive creative energy combined with solid business savvy and deep understanding of market trends; now to launch at Licensing Expo 2016 and debut simultaneously from their respective bases of operation in Los Angeles and London.

The two artist-designers are joint creative and managing partners in this newly formed enterprise with the ambitious aim to create, produce, develop and license characters and art into experiential concepts, hospitality spaces and retail products based on their shared art & design vision - shaping the next generation of 21st century entertainment across broad consumer demographics, leveraged on a global scale.

"SupaPop Space" functions as both a Creative Lab for their latest and future inventions and an umbrella brand developing new lines of individually branded properties conceived and designed to be produced, developed and distributed in collaboration with the most visionary retailers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and entertainments studios worldwide.

Chebaane will also be joining Danconia as a partner in "SupaPop Universe", launched in 2015. Media division SupaPop Studios has animation development deals in place with Rollman Entertainment and Manga Entertainment in addition to a 6-11 toy-gaming-anime property with Pokemon-pioneer, Al Kahn.

About: SupaPop® Space is the brainchild of artist/designer Sean Danconia and designer / brand strategist Henry Chebaane, developed as part of new media company - SUPAPOP UNIVERSE - with offices in Los Angeles, London and Singapore.

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